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Craigslist Theft Leads To Arrest On Massachusetts Larceny Charges

car peeling out.jpgRecently the Springfield Republican ran an article about the arrest of a woman for her alleged role in a theft of a car that occurred over craigslist. The article tells the story of a Springfield man who attempted to sell his Nissan Maxima on The seller went to meet a potential buyer in the parking lost of the basketball hall of fame. While showing the car to the potential buyer, the seller got down on his hands and knees to look at the under carriage of the car. Once he did this the potential buyer drove the car off and did not return.

The seller reported the car stolen, and was surprised a few days later when he received a phone call from a person offering to sell his own car back to him for $500 dollars. When the seller arranged to meet someone to get the vehicle back he was allegedly approached by the defendant and she tried to resell him his own title. At that point she was arrested by the police.

Larceny of a motor vehicle is a very serious crime in Massachusetts. It is a felony and punishable by up to 15 years in state prison. In addition to the potential lengthy prison sentence any conviction on this offense must be reported to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. The RMV is required to suspend the license of anyone convicted for 1 year the first time they are convicted, and for 5 years on any subsequent offense.

The defendant finds herself in a difficult position now. She has exposed herself to a larceny charge, and although prosecutors have only charged larceny over $250 to this point they could very well add the additional larceny of a motor vehicle charge at a later date, or in a grand jury presentation if they choose to indict her.

Of course at this point the case against the defendant only consists of allegations. The report from The Republican leaves a lot of information unknown to the reader. It is entirely possible the defendant was a fall guy, and thought that she was engaging in an entirely legal actions when she approached the owner the day she was arrested.

Whatever the case is, the defendant will need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help her fight these allegations and make sure that her rights and record are protected for the future.

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